I roamed and rambled and
I followed my footsteps...


There’s this thing about music for me; no matter who I’ve been, where I’ve been or any material or personal success achieved along the way, an unyielding force to make music was always a part of me that would not let me go.  Eventually, there was no escaping the unrest.  These songs and performing at this time in my life, is my surrender to that truth.

I’ve learned to trust in the pulse and rhythm of a song.  To trust in things I cannot see, but know to be true, because I can feel them.  I love that music is so powerful, full of magic, and connects us all.  And it only takes one song to bring us together and make us feel the same regardless of our differences.

I want to feel and make music for the rest of my life.   I want to tell the truth in a song.  And I want to feel I had the courage to give my all to make the best music I can and connect with people around the world.

Thank you for coming here and sharing my journey.  It is my truest hope that what I create will connect you and I in the most honest and meaningful ways possible.

With love in 4/4 time,